Frequently Ask Questions

What is the benefits of Titanium plates / barrels?

Titanium is a lustrous metallic element found in igneous rocks and renowned for its strength, durability, low weight and super heat conductivity. Titanium material allow for faster heat transfer, which means even more immediate and superior results, no matter the hair’s condition.

They are also some of the most durable straighteners on the market. They are very scratch resistant and exceptionally durable especially under high heat. Titanium also offers very even heat distribution, meaning more overall straightening surface and fewer passes over your hair.

Titanium relies on infrared heat and negative ion technology to enhance your hair’s hydration and shine. Infrared heat seals in your hair’s natural oils and moisture, resulting in shiny, smooth, healthy locks. The negative ion technology gives your hair more hydration, eliminates frizz, enhances shine and improves your hair’s overall appearance. A titanium material can actually make your hair feel more hydrated, softer and healthier.

Titanium material are the top choice for professional hair stylists, since titanium offers some of the best results on all hair types. However, caution should be exercised when used at home, since titanium plates can reach extremely high temperatures.


How should Elona devices be cared for?

Always unplug the devices after use. Clean the plates / barrels of any residue, use the heat proof mat to protect your device from physical damage. Wrap the cord using the cable tie to avoid wearing out the cord. Please store in the heat proof mat when not in use.


How to claim the devices?

Your device carries 6 months warranty from purchase date which covers any manufacturing and mechanical deffects, except outer case, cable, electricity malfunction and damages from accidents or negligence. Warranty void if hologram sticker on the device scratched / peeled off / damaged. Please contact our customer service.


Can Elona devices be used overseas?

You can check the voltage for each devices in product information.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally from Jakarta, Indonesia. Place your order to [email protected] and enter your address. You should also factor in any import duties, VATs, or other taxes when picking up your package.


What happens after I make my purchase?

We’ll send out on the same working day if you make payment confirmation before 13.00, and on the next working day if you make payment after 13.00.





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